On the first day there will be bowling…

First day of #COLAB (CoLaboratory) just finished up.  I had a blast meeting all of the new interns and agency pros.  They seem like a nice crop of professionals.  Not too intimidating, but scary enough that you know they know what the hell they are doing.

We were split up into teams, and as far as I can tell, it’s a great match.  I’m sure there will be many a disagreement, but nothing we can’t handle.  Here are a list of the teams I stole from Christine Vo, because I couldn’t write fast enough.  (Thanks Christine, see you soon for tennis/bball?) Links to blogs where I could find them. (Please let me know if you have one, let’s link love 🙂


  1. Kim Karalekas {account/project manager}
  2. Mary McPherson {account/project manager}
  3. Christine Vo {graphic designer}
  4. Luke Rolka {graphic designer}
  5. Bryan Davidson {copywriter}


  1. Heather Schwartz {account/project manager}
  2. Allison McKeever {account/project manager}
  3. Whitney Bard {designer}
  4. Melissa Casillas {designer}
  5. Megan Nuttall {copywriter}

I liked it.  I’m not going to spew praise, because it is too late.  Too much blogging will make your head explode.  I will just throw these words at ya: excited, sweet, nice, enthused, provoking, inspiring, bathroom breaks, lots of water, kickin’ threads, genuine guy, ideas, brain expanding, bowling, free, booze, food, good things, tired, so bad a bowling, fun people, ritzy bowling, where’s the smoking fat man? or The Dude? I’m going to be tired alot, much work, much more-er beautiful things to be made…

Here is a sequence of moving images put together to form the illusion of motion.  Some call it YouTube, I call it my favorite way to kill 20 minutes.  Why do you think this is posted at 1:15?

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