Retrospectively Britton

The Griffins are like a family to me.   They welcomed me into their home and allowed me to drink their coffee, annoy their art directors and tag along with their copywriter like I was a lost puppy.  They didn’t even act annoyed when would suggest outlandish things, like a life-size cheetah replica, or demanded that everyone speak pig latin on Wednesdays.

It has to be at least three times this big.

It has to be at least three times this big.

Okay, so those things never really happened.  But, the people at Grady Britton were some of the more entertaining and kind souls I have met in a while.   GB really let me go with projects and write whatever I felt and included me on many brainstorming sessions.  It was really inspiring to see people doing the same things that I do….but better.

1)    Never, ever feel like your idea isn’t good enough.

2)    “Gumballing” is where you let ideas drop out of your brain and directly out of your mouth (Thanks Julie)

3)    Don’t eat the entirety of your thai food on your lunch.

4)    M & Ms make any meeting seem livelier.

5)    I never had to get coffee for somebody (not even once!)

6)    When pitching clients, remember to talk about how awesome they are.

7)    Im uh bayd spelur. (Why don’t they make an Idiot’s guide to not making an ass out of yourself by misspelling words when you’re a copywriter.  Damn you spell check and learning foreign languages!)

8)    Great work does not come easy.

And so, Griffins, this is my thank you.  My sad farewell.  You may never be the same without me.  I offered cheeky banter, mediocre writing and endless questions for people who know more than I do.  What are you going to do with all your fee time now that I’m gone?  Alas, now I have to go be awkward somewhere else.  Thanks for your support, your encouragement and blowing my brain apart with your crazy ideas.

”][phill h]
Go Griffs.


6 Responses to Retrospectively Britton

  1. Andy A says:

    Fruit basket is in the mail. Thanks BD! You rule.

  2. LIndsay B says:

    I miss Igpa Atinla Wednesdays. 😦 See you tomorrow night!

  3. Dayn W says:

    Great to have you aboard for a bit! Thanks for the cameo in the Providence spot, you’ve got a great agent. Now where’s that coffee I sent you for on Thurs?

  4. Becca G says:

    BD- it’s not over yet, get your game face on for tomorrow!

  5. Siri says:

    Cheeky? Why yes you are…The carts miss you and your food baby lovin ways

  6. Lindsay Magnuson says:

    Bryan! We miss you, as you can see. Hope you got your t-shirt and; sounds like you’re having lots of fun at TNG. Don’t trust that Tom Bennett guy, though. Is their coffee better???

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